HVAC In Texas

I would like to share with my fellow Texas natives how important HVAC services are to their well-being. But before I do that, let me add a short anecdote on how I became an air conditioning expert.

It was the summer of 01, and I had just graduated from college. I was going to the University of Houston, and living in the city of Katy, TX. It was a very rough time. I had a job repairing things for houses in Mont Belvieu, Baytown, Spring and even Tomball. The money wasn’t coming in, and I had to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I simply couldn’t afford paying for my expenses. So what did I do? Like any youngster, I asked my father. My father told me to suck it up and get a degree. How foolish I thought to myself! Why get into further debt? Why not just learn a skill that people will pay for? I thought that made the most sense, and I figured my father would recommend a niche or two that was in high demand in the market. But I was wrong. I was wrong to even ask him. Instead I decided to go see my uncle and ask him. I still didn’t have the capacity to make tough decisions for myself, and that was my achilles’ heel – always looking to defer my thinking to others, choosing to follow, to be an automaton.

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But things have changed. To make a long story short, I learned about HVAC, and about how the services such as air condition fixing and all that good stuff can bring home some serious money. I was very happy to develop this knowledge and went into the industry. Now, I am making my money in Texas, and people are delighted to give me money to fix a major problem for them: how to stay cool in the southern heat!

So, yes, ┬áit was a random post, but I thought I’d personalize this one for you guys. To learn a bit about me and what I do, what I love, what I think about on a regular basis. Basically, my goal is to create the most valuable hvac directory in all of the United States.

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